YouTuber builds ‘world’s first PS5 Slim console’

YouTube channel DIY Perks has created what it’s billing as the world’s first PlayStation 5 Slim console.

The technology channel, which focuses on how-to videos, reveals below how it spent a couple of months to achieve a much slimmer form factor for Sony’s chunky system.

One of the ways it managed to shrink the PS5 down was by replacing the cooling heatsink with a custom copper water block and water channelling system.

It also followed in the footsteps of a number of previous ‘Slim’ consoles by offloading power to an external power brick.

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It’s unclear how much was spent on the entire project, but the copper sheets used to construct the console came in at $240.

The final result was a slimmed down PS5 measuring just 1.9cm wide and one that “works better at keeping the console cool than the original cooler did”, according to DIY Perks.

Last May, it was reported that Sony would start production on a PS5 redesign in 2022, which would feature a “new semi-customised” 6nm CPU from AMD.

Taiwanese business website DigiTimes claimed that suppliers including semiconductor foundry TSMC were planning to start producing the redesigned PS5 console between the second and third quarters of this year.

It emerged this May that Sony appears to have registered a new PS5 model in Japan.

The company recently received construction design certification for what looks to be a new ‘CFI-1200’ series model featuring updated radio equipment.

A revised PS5 model was also released in 2021, although the redesign was purely components-focused and didn’t feature any significant external changes.