The Guardians Cast Weren’t Ready for Chaotic ‘Love and Thunder’ Set

The Guardians Cast Weren’t Ready for Chaotic ‘Love and Thunder’ Set

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Apparently, James Gunn and Taika Waititi have very different directing styles. While both are idiosyncratic individuals, to say the least, Gunn’s set life apparently did nothing to prepare The Guardians of the Galaxy cast members for what director Waititi had in store for them on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder will continue Thor Odinson’s working relationship with the Guardians, first established in the Russo Brothers’ Avengers: Infinity War. It also marks the first time the Guardians cast, made up of Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Sean Gunn, Karen Gillan, and Pom Klementieff, have actually worked with Thor: Ragnarok director Waititi. In a recent interview with Fandango All Access, Valkyrie actor Tessa Thompson recalled that the cast had a bit of a learning curve when it came to Waititi’s more expansive style.

“I just came to set to watch because I wasn’t in any of the Guardians‘ stuff. And I don’t remember which of them said it to me. But someone asked me, ‘Is it always like this?’ I was like, ‘Yes, it is. Yes, it is.’ I think like what you were saying, I think it’s like maybe just were used to a certain, level of chaos existing in a certain level of chaos, because there’s always like, the version that’s on the page, and then the thing and then we throw that out and do a bunch that’s that we know, probably, maybe 95% of it will never say that to be in the film. But you do it for the 5% they can live there.”

Tessa Thompson

In only a few weeks fans will get their chance to see how well the two casts blended. Thor: Love and Thunder will debut in theaters on July 8.

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