The Game Says West Coast Has “Crab-In-A-Barrel Mentality” –

The Game has never been one to shy away from sharing how he feels and his latest comments on the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime show were not the exception.

During his recent visit to the I Am Athlete podcast, hosts Brandon Marshall, Pacman Jones, and Nick “Swaggy P” Young grilled The Game on many questions ranging from his upcoming album to his opinions on Hip-Hop. However, things got real when the hosts asked The Game his thoughts on Dr. Dre’s 2022 Super Bowl Halftime performance and the lineup, claiming that his absence was due to Dre’s reservations about his spontaneous, unapologetic nature and the West Coast’s inability to support one another.

“The real reason I wasn’t on the Super Bowl [halftime show] is that I’m not a ‘safe’ artist,’” The Game said in the latest episode of the podcast. “You don’t know what the Game gon’ do when he gets up there. So, it’s just like, ‘He not safe,’ so they went with the safe artists.”

The Game rationalizes his opinion by mentioning that if it was a West Coast Super Bowl, then not only should he have been there, but Y.G. should also be there, and claimed that the West Coast’s “crab-in-a-barrel” mentality is holding them back, preventing artists to uplift each other like New York.

“We, on the West Coast, are the only motherf***ers who have this crab-in-a-barrel mentality, where we wanna keep n****s down,” The Game explained. “Snoop Dogg is an icon. Dre is an icon. Em is an icon, but Em is not from L.A. 50 is not from L.A. I’m not taking away from the fact that they were on the Super Bowl, but L.A. [artists] wouldn’t have been in the Detroit Super Bowl or New York Super Bowl. It just wouldn’t have happened … L.A., L.A., L.A. all around the Super Bowl, and I didn’t get the call.”

During the clip, The Game also mentions that he was “hurt” by Dre’s decision to leave him off of the lineup and that Dre could have at least given him a call to let him know he wouldn’t be invited.

The 42-year-old West Coast rapper has big plans this year as he gears up for his forthcoming album, Drillmatic – which he recently pushed back to July 1 release date. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some production from Dr. Dre on there.

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