Star Child Children’s Book Given Re-release by A24

Fans of the heartfelt, critically acclaimed film, C’mon C’mon can now take a piece of the story home with them and not in the Blu-ray/DVD release kind of way. The film’s studio A24 recently announced that they would be bringing one of the drama’s most touching scenes to life in the form of a re-release of a children’s book. The piece in question will be the previously out-of-print 2014 book, Star Child, penned by author and illustrator, Claire A. Nivola. Unavailable in stores, you can find it here at the A24 shop.

The black and white Mike Mills-helmed film follows the life of Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix), an introverted, emotionally stunted radio journalist. For his next big piece, Johnny is taking his recording setup across the country and interviewing kids about their thoughts and concerns surrounding the world as they know it and what they think the future will look like. When his sister, Viv (Gaby Hoffman) reaches out to Johnny for the first time in a year with the request that her brother look after her young son, Jesse (Woody Norman), Johnny embarks on a journey of growth and self-discovery. The uncle and nephew soon form a tight bond as each teaches the other more about the world surrounding them.


The scene featuring the book is one of the most emotional bits in the entire movie – and that’s saying something for a film that packed a countless amount of tear filled gut punches. In a tender moment of care between the leading characters, Johnny picks up the picture book and begins to read it to Jesse. The story centers around a beaming star who turns into a real boy and ventures to Earth with the desire to experience what it means to be human with all of its ups and downs.

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The book’s re-release will feature an expansion of gorgeously touched up pictures crafted by Nivola with new gatefolds from Strick & Williams. Star Child will also come in a vibrantly colored slipcase, keeping it in great shape on your bookshelf for years to come.

The novel marks a first for A24 who are making their foray into the world of publishing with the children’s piece. Excited to add a new craft to their resume, they’ll follow the drop up in the Fall with the publication of two original children’s books penned by Daniel Kwan, the co-director of Everything Everywhere All At Once. Already available for purchase, you can head to the A24 shop now to snag your very own copy of Star Child today.

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