Sexy Trashcans Encourage Swedes to Toss Their Garbage

  • In the Swedish city of Malmö, some trash cans are programmed with sultry audio messages.
  • The cans respond with words of encouragement when given garbage.
  • City officials say it is meant to discourage littering.

Who knew trash could be such a turn-on?

As part of a campaign to get people in the city to throw away their garbage and reduce litter on the streets, the Swedish city of Malmö installed two trash cans programmed to respond to users with seductive audio messages.

The green garbage bins, installed on the Davidshallsbron Bridge, answer when passersby feed trash into their mouths, Swedish site the Local reported. 

A YouTube video shows a person opening the trash can and it responds with a host of sultry phrases of encouragement like “Come back quickly and do that again,” “Oh, yeah, right there,” and “That was crazy good.”  

Marie Persson, section chief of Malmö’s roads department, told the Swedish paper the Sydsvenskan the trashcans were meant to give “a positive reinforcement to people who do the right thing, by giving them a laugh.”

“The sentences are part of the campaign’s intention to get more people to talk about the dirtiest thing there is: littering. The stuff that ends up in our streets, squares, and sea,” Persson said.

Persson also told the outlet that the voice – which speaks in Swedish – belonged to a “famous person” who did not want their identity revealed.

“So please go ahead and feed the bins with more rubbish…yes, just like that,” Persson said.

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