Rakhi Sawant counters her ex Ritesh’s allegations: ‘Ghan**! Ritesh called me uneducated and gave me fake jewellery; Salman Khan helped me’ – Exclusive!

Rakhi Sawant was seen at the police station yesterday, filing a complaint that her ex Ritesh has hacked into her social media accounts. A few hours ago, Ritesh had spoken to ETimes TV exclusively. Here is Rakhi’s counter to Ritesh’s allegations:

Ritesh says that you didn’t have a car when he came into your life…

That’s true. But I have returned his car; he asked for it back. I don’t need his Baleno; Adil (Rakhi’s current boyfriend) has gifted me a car.

For those who missed Ritesh’s interview. click on the link below:

He says that he spent crores of rupees on you and when he stopped spending, you left him…

Ghan**! He is lying. And let me tell you the jewelry he gave me is fake. I went to a jeweler to sell it off when I needed money for my mother’s on-going treatment. I was laughed at. I was told that it is not real gold. Woh zevar mere paas abhi tak hain. Chandi ke zevar par sone ka paani lagaya gaya hai.

And then?

I texted him about the fake jewellery. I told him ‘Sharam nahin aati?’

For those who’ve come in late, Rakhi and Adil had spoken to us and we had carried it on Friday. Click on the video below to see it:

Rakhi Sawant-Adil Khan Durrani Reveal: Her Ex Was Abusive & Violent

Did he reply?

Yes, he replied. He said, ‘You deserve that’. Usne mujhe char baar room mein se dhakke maar kar nikala hai. He used to call me uneducated.

As far as hacking into my social media accounts goes, he has returned my accounts to me today. I have changed the passwords. And so, I shall take back the police complaint I lodged against him yesterday. Jo sacha pyar karte hain, woh cases nahi karte. Main bhi nahin karungi. Mera pyar Ritesh ke liye sacha tha. Meri shaadi bhi uske saath sachi thi. It was he who wronged me by not telling me before marriage that he was already a married man who hadn’t divorced his first wife yet.

Let me also tell you that he got my mom admitted in the hospital but after that, he did not help me financially. Ritesh has lots of money but it was Salman Khan who helped me.

For those who missed Rakhi complaining at the police station yesterday, see the video below:

He says that his first wife Snigdha treated him similarly. Both, Snigdha and you, are now living with some other man…

Then the fault must be lying in him na? He must be abusing and hitting women. He used to throw food and often keep saying that he was leaving. He used to abuse me. I used to keep holding his feet and pleading him to stay.

Ghar mera, saaman mera. Haan, he gifted me a sofa. Ab woh keh raha hai woh uska saaman hai.

He says that he will take legal action against you…

Let him take all the legal action. I am ready to face him. He never wanted me to go ahead in life; he held my progress back. He always said ‘I am not your slave or servant. Apna kaam khud karo, apna khud kamao. Toh mujhe shaadi karke kya mila? Managing the house and even paying our servant was on me. So I had to tell him that he can’t stay with me; he needs to get his own apartment.

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