photography book showcases 90’s skateboarding culture in Visalia

A few months later, he overheard in class that a local skater was featured in a recent issue of Thrasher. 

“I skipped class and went to the mall, to the skate shop, and there was my photo in Photograffiti,” he said. It was 1984, and his career in skateboard photography had just begun. 

Freitas submitted to Thrasher every month after that. Magazines acted as agglomerations of pop culture at the time, and things were no different when it came to skateboarding. 

“It was all magazines. You went down to a grocery story and it was just magazines everywhere,” Freitas said. “There was no internet. So if you got a picture in a magazine, it was out for a month. So for a whole month you were just stoked. It kept you going.”

His photos featured his friends, several of whom – particularly Tom Knox, Karma Tsocheff, Jesse Paez and Richard Paez – soon became professional skateboarders known for trailblazing parts of early skating culture. 

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