People In This Community Don’t Believe Embroidery Is Remotely Boring, Here Are Their 50 Best Works (New Pics)

We humans have the unique ability to take something ordinary and add a little extra to it. While this interest of ours has culminated in a myriad of decorative art forms, embroidery is one of those that we’ve invested most of our time and effort in.

You’re already familiar with it even if the name sounds foreign. In simple terms, embroidery is the process of applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle—these motifs are traditionally rendered in thread and are composed of different kinds of stitches.

Embroidery has existed, in some form, in virtually every population. Whether they’ve displayed it on clothing, home goods, or as an artwork, this is a timeless craft that has become an integral part of our material world. And the subreddit r/Embroidery has the pics to prove it.

This online community has 628K members, constantly showing off their best works, and many are so good, we think they deserve your attention as well. Continue scrolling to check out some of their latest projects and fire up our earlier publications on the subreddit here and here for more.

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