Paul Pfeiffer’s 1,00,000 Seater Stadium Design Goes Viral

An artist’s impression of what a one million seater stadium would look like has gone viral, with fans comparing it to the likes of London Stadium and St James’ Park.

It can be quite incredible to see the sometimes beaumouth and majestic stadiums that our teams play inside, especially when they suddenly become visible against the backdrop of a bustling city.

But imagine suddenly being stared down by a stadium that fits 1,00,000 people inside it and extends up to 14 tiers into the sky, that would take some time walking up.

Well American artist Paul Pfeiffer put together a piece of concept art to show exactly how big a building would be needed to welcome that many people, and it certainly caught the imagination.

It’s not actually a new piece of art by Pfeiffer, with the concept first being reported on in 2020, but that’s just how it works with things going viral.

And the internet is such a weird place that the idea of the stadium seemed to be taken over by fans of South Korean boy band BTS, who claimed their faves would sell it out.

Right now the largest stadium Ronaldo, or any footballer, can blast a free kick into is in North Korea, where they can hold 114,000 inside the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, although it’s unlikely many people get to play in it.

The stadium in North Korea is the biggest to have staged football matches. Image: Alamy
The stadium in North Korea is the biggest to have staged football matches. Image: Alamy

More likely is the 107,601 that can be held inside Michigan’s ‘The Big House’, although only four matches have been held there, including a record crowd of 109,318 turning up to watch Ronaldo’s Real Madrid take on United back in 2014.

You can tell the design isn’t expected just for football as there’s also a running track, and anyone who has been to the London Stadium knows that hardly adds to the viewing spectacle.

The Foxes actually have the best percentage of filled seats in England’s top tier, whilst Manchester City fans don’t leave the Emptyhad quite as empty as some people would suggest.

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