‘Pantywaist’ or hero? Twitter reacts to Tom Hanks yelling at fan after Rita Wilson was almost knocked over

Hours after Tom Hanks yelled at a group of fans to “back the f*** off” from his wife Rita Wilson after she was almost knocked over, social media was still abuzz with the video of the incident going viral. There were mixed responses and even comparisons to other actors on social media as fans and netizens weighed in on the issue. The incident occurred Wednesday night when the two were spotted after dinner in New York City.

Per a Fox report, Hanks followed his wife out of the restaurant with a few security guards, but a group quickly surrounded the duo, and in one of the moments, Rita almost lost her balance causing Hanks to yell at the bunch. Reactions to the incident were mixed. Please note that MEAWW cannot independently verify and does not support the claims made on the Internet. 


‘Back the f**k off’: Tom Hanks yells at fan after wife Rita Wilson knocked over by crowd

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“@tomhanks seems like such a pantywaist. You and your wife wanted to be celebrities. Deal with it,” one of the tweets read. “Good for Tom Hanks on standing up for his wife but why do I feel like I need to apologize after watching Tom Hanks yell. I’ll just put myself in time out. #tmz #TomHanks #podnation,” another contrasting tweet said.

“The fans were pretty rowdy. I mean it’s nice to have fans, but PLEASE folks be courteous and respectful for goodness sake. To be this nuts can really cause an accident and worse. As a fan myself, I apologize this happened @tomhanks
@RitaWilson,” a comment said. “Dude was trying to get an autograph from one of the most famous people on the planet lol Tom Hanks was staring ahead the whole time, and still let dude run straight into his wife Hanks wasn’t aware of his own wife’s surroundings, why would some random dude be?” a fan noted.

“Someone who knocks into my wife gets these hands. But I have the luxury of not being followed around by cameras and cancel culture everywhere I go. Tom’s reaction was both warranted and measured. Still the Tom Hanks we know and love,” a fan offered support. There was even a comparison to Will Smith’s Oscar incident that saw him slap host Chris Rock after his comment on Jada Pinkett Smith.

“Oh sure Will Smith defends his wife and he’s a pariah. Tom Hanks does it and we love him for it. Really makes you think,” a fan remarked. “Christ it was an accident. It’s not like it was done purposefully,” one of the fans observed. “I am definitely not a fan of his but I do understand why he would get upset people to have no respect for other people’s spaces regardless of whether it’s him his wife or anyone else,” one of the tweets read.








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