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100 Things to Do in Cheyenne Before You Die

Explore the Cheyenne, Wyoming region in ways you’ve never considered. Delving into one of the most iconic Western cities in America, 100 Things to Do in Cheyenne Before You Die delivers in-depth planning advice for visitors and solves the “what should we do” conundrum for even the umpteenth-generation Wyomingite.


Peer 11,000 years into the past at the High Plains Archeological Dig Site, or feel the grit of a bison’s tongue at Terry Bison Ranch. Find the best times and tips for paddling in the solitude of nature at Curt Gowdy State Park, and visiting a world-famous rodeo arena during Cheyenne Frontier Days. This guide will offer myriad ways for the whole family to have fun as you earn pinball-wizard status at Flippers Family Arcade, sip hyper-local spirits at Pine Bluffs Distilling, and eat flapjacks with your 10,000 closest friends at the Pancake Breakfast.


Authored by travel-insider Andi Jaspersen, this book compiles knowledge from her years of experience at the Visit Cheyenne tourism office. Explore Cheyenne with a local’s insight and the adventurous spirit of a tourist to discover your own rendition of the Wild West! 

The book really has two audiences: Visitors and Residents

  • Visitors to the Cheyenne and Laramie County region benefit from this book, whether they are here for work, visiting friends or family, or on vacation. The book provides the locals’ inside scoop that doesn’t typically make its way into the standard brochures and is a great tool for planning the next trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • But perhaps less obviously, it is also written for the residents of Laramie County. Too frequently we become blind to the incredible opportunities around us and take them for granted, tuning them out in the chaos of life. Working for Visit Cheyenne, I constantly look at life through the lens of a tourist. Attitudes are so much different while on vacation because the busyness of life can be set down and travelers experience new and interesting things. Residents tend to forget that hundreds of thousands of people travel to Cheyenne each year as a part of their vacation! 100 Things aims to remind us why outsiders love our community and why we should too!

Discover lesser-known attractions and experiences

  • I cover a broad collection of “Cheyenne Classics” in the book, but I really aimed to also highlight some of the quirky or less-known attractions and experiences. For example, churning your own butter from goat’s milk at the Homesteading Experience. Or viewing 11,000 years of history right in front of you at the High Plains Archeological Dig Site. Or perhaps you have a craving for authentic kimchi – the Korean House can sate it! Did you know you and your friends can make luxury, designer purses yourselves in Cheyenne? Or where you can find a full mastodon skeleton? I even found new-to-me surprises while researching for this book, and I market this town!

It’s a guidebook to fun (and a huge help when company comes)

  • While some of the venues and activities covered in the book have age restrictions, most do not. I hope this book is used as a boredom buster for families all year long, pursuing the interests of individuals. There are activities for every season and age group… it could be a fun challenge to see how many you could complete in a year!
  • The book is also a great reference to pull off the shelf when the in-laws announce they are dropping by for the weekend or you have old college friends passing through on a road-trip. The book won’t clean the house before they get there, but it will help you plan an itinerary. I encourage everyone to use guests as an excuse to be a tourist too!

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