Manifest Fans Are Not Happy About Netflix’s Season 4 Announcement

By Michileen Martin
| 17 seconds ago

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In spite of what seems to be a growing list of Netflix originals getting canceled, there’s at least one series that the streamer has vowed to bring back to life. After NBC broke the news that its supernatural drama Manifest was getting the axe, Netflix stepped in to give the series the chance to finish its story. Last week was Netflix’s “Geeked Week,” and Manifest fans were expecting for a reveal of the season 4 premiere date. Instead, the streamer showed the eager fans a clip from the upcoming season, but with no premiere date. Instead, the clip ends with the vague “coming soon.”

The clip shows the Manifest lead, NYPD Detective Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) sneaking her way to a cargo container. In the container she finds a man with “Stone 828” — which no doubt has something to do with Flight 828 — carved into his arm. You can watch the clip below.

As reported by Good Housekeeping, Manifest fans took to social media to tell Netflix they were disappointed with the lack of a firm release date. While they were happy to see the clip, many expressed confusion that the streamer was either unable or unwilling to supply a premiere date. Historically, Netflix has kept its own counsel about when it does and does not unveil such dates. For better or worse, fans likely shouldn’t expect anything different in the case of Manifest.

While we don’t know yet when Manifest‘s fourth season will arrive on Netflix, from what little word has leaked out, November seems like a likely release window. Back in February, legendary horror writer Stephen King — apparently a Manifest fan himself — posted on Twitter some questions he had about the series, some more serious than others. Manifest creator Jeff Rake responded to King, answering the scribe’s first question — about season 4’s premiere date — with, “I’m hearing November.” You can see that exchange below.

Manifest premiered on NBC in September 2018, introducing audiences to the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 who are inexplicably lost in time. Their flight takes off from Jamaica and later lands in Newburgh, NY, but only after a lot more time than the passengers have experienced has passed. After touching down, everyone aboard Flight 828 learns five and a half years have passed since they left Jamaica, and their lives have all turned upside down. Meanwhile, the passengers begin hearing and seeing things no one else can.

When creator Jeff Rake sold the show to NBC, he had six seasons planned for the series. In spite of getting a chance to wrap things up, Manifest on Netflix will reportedly be ending with its fourth season which will be released in two parts. Releasing seasons for high profile shows in two parts seems to be working well for the streamer. Netflix released the final season of the crime drama Ozark earlier this year in this manner. Likewise, the streamer has already released the first part of Stranger Things season 4, with the final two episodes scheduled to release on July 1.

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