Magneto’s Daughter Gets Gorgeous New Costume In Hellfire Gala Fan Art

In gorgeous new X-Men Hellfire Gala fan art, Magneto’s daughter Polaris gets a new costume that gives the fan-favorite mutant a high-fashion look.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men’s Hellfire Gala by Marvel Comics

The Mistress of Magnetism gets a stunning new look in X-Men 2022 Hellfire Gala fan art, giving Polaris a high-fashion costume. In the X-Men fan art from @SaintSanti15, Magneto’s daughter gets a chic new look that shows the fan-favorite mutant in an all-new light, as she opts for a bold ensemble that showcases her beauty more than ever before.

Lorna Dane is the mutant daughter of Magneto, as she’s been both a friend and foe of the X-Men since debuting in X-Men #49 by Arnold Drake and Don Heck from Marvel Comics. Polaris’ powers are quite similar to her father’s, as she has several abilities related to magnetic manipulation. But, Polaris has struggled with trauma and her parentage, and despite being a current member of the X-Men’s main team, she has lost control and become a villainous adversary of Marvel’s mutants. In gorgeous new fan art for the X-Men’s upcoming 2022 Hellfire Gala, Polaris trades in her usual green costume for something much more lavish.


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On their Twitter account, artist @SaintSanti15 shared their fan art costume for Polaris and Sunfire that they designed for the X-Men’s 2022 Hellfire Gala event. While Sunfire wears a fiery costume, Magneto’s daughter steals the show with her new outfit. Polaris’ Lena Berisha-inspired gown features a sculpted silver bodice paired with an emerald green skirt and train, accessorized with massive hoop earrings, a chained headband and belt, platform heels, and green and silver makeup. The metal design elements showcase the hero’s powers as Polaris looks terrific in the fan art.

Polaris’ new Hellfire Gala fan art is both highly-fashionable and pays tribute to the character’s most iconic costumes and abilities. It keeps the striking green from her original look while offering more metallic design elements than usual. The creative new costume for Magneto’s daughter is the latest of many X-Men Hellfire Gala fan art looks we’ve showcased from the talented artist, as they’ve also provided stunning spins on Wolverine, Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. The real-world high-fashion sensibilities infused with the mutants’ histories make the designs and ensembles special.

Magneto’s daughter’s 2022 Hellfire Gala costume hasn’t yet been officially revealed, but SaintSanti15’s art sets a standard for how incredible she might look at the upcoming event. The Polaris fan art gives her a unique design that fits the mutant well as it would seamlessly fit in at the X-Men’s high-fashion celebration of mutandom. The X-Men’s 2022 Hellfire Gala begins in July.

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Source: SaintSanti15 – Twitter

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