Lori Harvey Took A Note From Her Ex’s Playbook And Already Removed All Traces Of Michael B. Jordan From Social

Some say that after a breakup, it’s best to remove traces of your ex from digital spheres to avoid reliving the memories you used to cherish. This can mean removing this person from your social media accounts as well as deleting photos of them from your phone. After her rumored breakup with actor Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey seemingly decided to rip a page out of her ex Future’s playbook by removing all traces of the Creed actor from her social media accounts.

If you were to look at Lori Harvey’s Instagram account right now, you wouldn’t even think she had any history with Michael B. Jordan. This model has a number of beautiful photos of herself, including the time she went full Disney princess on the red carpet. However, it looks like the Black Panther actor still has traces of Harvey on his Instagram account. Considering the assumed breakup between the two of them is very complicated, it appears that Jordan still cares very much for his former love–at least enough to keep photos of her on his social.

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