It’s been a year since filming of the megahit Muster Dogs wrapped. Where are they all now?

It’s the murmur you hear first from the crowd.

“Ooh, there’s Frank.

“Is that Annie with him?

Rob Tuncks and Frank Finger stand in ute tray with three kelpies during parade
Rob Tuncks and Frank Finger parade with kelpies Annie and Lucifer.(ABC News: Tyson Shine)

“And Lucifer?”

And then the rush begins.

Phones are pulled from pockets and purses, and suddenly the canine stars of Muster Dogs and their trainers are surrounded by selfie-seeking fans.

The Casterton Kelpie Muster’s star attractions this year were Frank Finger and Rob Tuncks, sitting on top of a truck leading the street parade with their two kelpies beside them.

“The greatest thing about Muster Dogs was that it wasn’t scripted, we weren’t told what to say, we just showed people what we did every day,” Frank says with a touch of pride.

Joe Spicer, who bred the pups that ended up in the show, says Muster Dogs changed the perception of country people.

“How we care about our stock and our land and our dogs and the connection we have.”

If you were one of the few who missed the sensation that was Muster Dogs, five contestants were each given a puppy from the same litter to train into a valuable working dog with a winner declared in the final episode.

*Spoiler alert: If you are yet to watch Muster Dogs you can catch up on ABC iview.

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