iOS 16 isn’t enough to convince Android users to switch to the iPhone

What you need to know

  • Apple recently announced iOS 16 with new lock screen customization and other features.
  • We asked our readers if the changes coming to iOS 16 would make them consider switching to the iPhone.
  • Of the votes, 62% say they will stick with Android, while 23% are curious about the iPhone.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android ecosystems have been locked in a longtime battle over which platform does it better. Both OSes have their strengths and weaknesses, and one focuses on choice, with tons of devices and UI experiences among the best Android phones, while the other brings a consistent experience to every user. But with iOS 16, many users point out that Apple is introducing features that have been available on Android for some time, so we asked whether or not these changes are enough to convince our readers to switch to the iPhone.

Of the votes, 62% say they’re comfortable sticking with Android, while 23% say they’re curious about what iOS 16 brings to the platform. Meanwhile, 13% say they already own iPhones (it’s always nice to know what the other side is up to).

Would iOS 16 tempt you to switch to the iPhone?

(Image credit: Android Central)

One reader, Jon Parkins, suggests that they’ll stick with Android even if Apple often copies Android.

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