Google finally kills a 16-year-old product that you probably thought was dead already

The Google Talk instant messaging service will close on June 16

You may have thought Google Talk — the company’s original instant messaging service from 2005 — was dead, but the chat app has continued in some form for the last few years and will be officially retired later this week. Google Talk has been inaccessible through most avenues for the last few years, but you’ve still been able to use the instant messaging service through third-party app support on services such as Pidgin and Gajim. Now, that support is being retired, as announced on Google’s support blog, and it’s happening as soon as June 16.

That isn’t long to switch over support if you’re still using this, but the company recommends using its Google Chat as an alternative service. Trying to sign in to Google Talk from June 16, 2022, will bring up a sign-in error. We don’t yet know the exact time of day that the service will be killed, though.


Google Talk was the company’s original instant messaging service initially designed for quick conversations between Gmail contacts, but it soon became bigger before being replaced by newer Google services. Talk became an application across Android devices as well as BlackBerry. In 2013, the company began retiring the service and switching people to its other messaging apps.

At the time, Google Hangouts was the replacement messaging app. That service is now also dead, with Google Chat as the main replacement for instant messaging through your Google account. If you still use Google Talk alongside these third-party apps, you’ll need to make changes to your setup as soon as possible to ensure you don’t lose any data or contacts.

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