Former British soldier killed fighting Russian forces in Severodonetsk

Russia has concentrated its air force and artillery on the town and reduced it to rubble, but Ukrainian troops have said they are still fighting in the city despite Russia’s overwhelming firepower. 

Dean Gatley, who lives in Cheshire, posted on Facebook that the family had received the “devastating news” that his son had been shot and killed on Friday. 

“Jordan left the British Army in March this year to continue his career as a soldier in other areas,” he said. “The war against Europe had begun so, after careful consideration, he went to the Ukraine to help. 

“We have had several messages from his team out there telling us of his wealth of knowledge, his skills as a soldier and his love of his job. 

“His team say they all loved him, as did we, and he made a massive difference to many people’s lives, not only soldiering, but also by training the Ukrainian forces. 

“Jordan and his team were so proud of the work they were doing and he often told me that the missions they were going on were dangerous, but necessary. He loved his job and we are so proud of him. He truly was a hero and will forever be in our hearts.”

Front line fighting in the Donbas

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