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Abby Holland’s treasure-hunting grandfather, King Farrell, is missing and presumed dead. Her inheritance comes with a choice: She can live out her boring life in Denver in the Victorian house he’s willed to her, or sell it and use the proceeds to find the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains.

The first choice is a secure and sure bet, and the second is less so, though Abby has access to something that makes finding the treasure much more likely — unlike those fake maps sold in the museum gift shop, King’s got an accurate and correct one locked in his safe deposit box.

What would you choose? Get ready for a reading adventure with “The Last Mile” (Kensington) by Kat Martin. With spot-on pacing, this romantic thriller has all the hallmarks of a great summer read: fast-moving and fun with equal amounts of sexual tension and suspense. It’s the second in Martin’s Blood Ties (The Logans) series but can be read independently.


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Abby’s mind is pretty much made up for her when she discovers she’s not the only one who knows about King’s map. A black-shrouded late-night intruder comes calling. A tussle ensues. He escapes. It’s clear that whether she stays or goes, Abby could be in mortal danger. There’s only one thing for it: Join the treasure hunt.

But the treasure itself has a long history of disaster and death linked to those who have attempted to find it. It’s known as The Devil’s Gold; King himself vanished while searching for it — and it seems like he may have found it — or did he?

Abby goes straight to Treasure Hunters Anonymous and hires sexy hunk Gage Logan. He’s got the experience and contacts she needs, but he’s also got big issues with women being part of his expeditions — the last one he took along died. Unscrupulous people are also after the gold, and they won’t hesitate to hurt Abby to get to her grandfather’s map.


It’s a wild ride from Colorado to Arizona, to Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula, as Abby and Gage follow her grandfather’s clues only steps ahead of their ruthless pursuers. Along the way, they also have to fight their feelings for each other, battle the elements, and face unbearable losses as they search for a golden treasure worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The potential of that much money buys lots of enemies and they come from places Abby least expects.

For those who read the first book in the series, “The Last Goodnight,” old characters are revisited, and new characters are introduced who will most likely be in the next installment. Whether you are a new reader of Martin’s or an existing fan, this is a book worth taking along on your own summer adventures.

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