Bizarre Shares Story About Suge Knight Intimidating 50 Cent at “In Da Club” Video Set

Bizarre recently sat down for an interview of Math Hoffa’s podcast, where he detailed how Suge Knight intimidated 50 Cent on the set of the “In Da Club” music video set. 

Bizarre started off explaining how things changed for Shady/Aftermath when 50 Cent signed to the label in 2002, as he stated, “Sh*t definitely changed like how we was moving. We was in some sh*t. We had to roll out the military you know what I’m saying. Bulletproof vests, bulletproof cars. You know we didn’t really have to worry about that before him.” 

This led to battle rapper Poison Pen asking Bizarre about Suge Knight coming on the set of Fif’s video, which Bizarre confirmed. Bizarre explained, “It was like a standoff. I know it sounds like a f**king made-up movie but it’s really true. We was shooting the ‘In Da Club’ video and somebody said, ‘Suge Knight here!’ And I was at the bar, gang was there…and they stopped and Suge came in with 30 Mexicans like you said, which is weird. And I just remember…50 was like ‘what’s up man whatchu wanna do?’”

From there, Bizarre said that Suge took a puff off of his cigar, made a gesture with his hand, and left the set. Bizarre called it “some LA-type shit, intimidation-type sh*t.” 

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