Billboard’s ChartStars Launches Hot 100 Pass – Billboard

Billboard launched a brand new benefits program Hot 100 Pass on Monday (June 13), which is exclusively available to members of the Billboard ChartStars community. The new program arrives on the heels of the recent launch of digital collectible platform ChartStars, which Billboard paired up with Universal Music Group to create music-focused collectibles; Unblocked is also on board as the NFT technology partner for ChartStars.

The Hot 100 Pass is a digital collectible that will give its holders access to exclusive perks, which can include rewards to concerts and Billboard events, merchandise, an invitation to a members-only Discord channel, and access to special collections.

“You’re not number one until you’re No. 1 on Billboard,” Dana Droppo, Chief Brand Officer of Billboard, said in a statement. “As the official scoreboard of the music industry, the Hot 100 represents the songs the world’s most elite artists have released at any given moment. This pass gives music fans a chance to become a member of our community, and to celebrate the biggest moments in music alongside the artists they love.”

The ChartStars program helps bring Web3 to music fans, with collectibles capturing iconic moments in artists’ careers and the respective milestones they achieve on the Billboard charts. It will feature a range of officially licensed artwork, including music videos, album photography and more as part of the collectibles. The Hot 100 Pass will be available starting at 3 p.m. ET on Billboard ChartStars. The passes will be available at various levels — in limited amounts — for those interested in joining: 199 at the Gold tier for $49, nine at the Platinum tier for $399, and three Diamond tier passes at $1,999. The passes will be available for purchase here.

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