Bad Decisions That Can Cost You The Best Ending In The Quarry

Supermassive Games’ The Quarry is out now on consoles and PC. Best known for their Dark Pictures Anthology series, which currently features Man Of Medan, Little Hope, and House Of Ashes, Supermassive’s latest title is not a part of that series and is instead more of a spiritual successor to the studio’s 2015 release Until Dawn.

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As with all of Supermassive’s games, The Quarry features a ton of choices for the player to make as they fight for survival against the horrors lurking at Hackett’s Quarry. Like with Until Dawn, not every choice will present a clear path for survival, and in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to pick the wrong decision and end up regretting it only seconds later. Spoilers are included.


11 Abi Needs To Hold Her Breath As Long As Possible (Chapter 3)

In Chapter 3, players will take control of Abi in an intimate scene between her and Nick. After they kiss, Nick will be attacked by a monster. There is no way to prevent this so don’t worry too much.

However, during Abi’s escape, she will hide from the monster behind some rocks. There will be a prompt for players to hold a button to have Abi hold her breath and a “breath bar” that will slowly deplete. The breath bar is likely to make players anxious, but no matter what, keep that button held down until the monster turns around. It will take until the last possible moment, but failing this event will cause Abi to be infected, and while it won’t kill her, it changes some significant parts of the rest of the story.

10 Don’t Throw Dirt At The Large Man (Chapter 3)

Towards the end of Chapter 3, while looking for his friend Nick, Ryan will encounter a large man in overalls dragging an injured Nick through the woods. Ryan will have the option to shoot the large man and should do so, although it is not essential.

However, in the next scene, Jacob will be caught in a trap while alone in the woods, and the same large man in overalls will arrive and cut him loose. While on the ground, Jacob can throw dirt into the man’s eyes as a distraction. Do not do so. The man will then smear Jacob’s face with blood from a vial. Gross, but this will protect Jacob from monsters later in the game.

9 Don’t Shoot The Bushes (Chapter 4)

In the very next scene, players will once again control Ryan as he tends to Nick’s wounds. Ryan will hear rustling in the bushes nearby and will receive no answer when calling out.

No matter what, don’tshoot into the bushes. Players will be prompted twice to do so and should ignore both prompts. It’s Jacob in the bushes, and shooting them either time will result in his death. Instead, simply don’t press any buttons during these prompts and Jacob will eventually emerge, shaken but otherwise unscathed.

8 Don’t Open The Trapdoor (Chapter 4)

In the very next scene, Emma is off exploring the forest on her own, filming a vlog about the spooky abandoned locations that she comes across. Eventually, she stumbles upon an old tree house and climbs inside.

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Above her, Emma notices a trap door and sarcastically asks the camera if she should open it and “die a horrible, painful death.” Players should take this as a warning and absolutely not open the trap door. Doing so will release the monster locked on the other side, and it will leap down onto Emma and kill her instantly.

7 Use The Chainsaw (Chapter 5)

Towards the end of Chapter 5, Ryan and Dylan come across an old radio hut. Ryan will keep watch while Dylan attempts to get the radio up and running. In order to do so, Dylan needs to reattach a loose wire to those running along the ceiling, but when he reaches into the rafters, a monster will grab his arm and bite him.

In order to save Dylan, Ryan will need to cut off his arm. When given the choice between using a shotgun or a chainsaw to do it, pick the chainsaw.

6 Shoot Nick (Chapter 6)

Once again playing as Abi, players will be exploring a pool hall looking for things to make the still-injured Nick comfortable. He and Abi will have another intimate conversation, only this one will end with Nick attacking Abi and throwing her across the room.

Players will have a decision to make shortly afterward. As Nick stares menacingly across the room at Abi, she will grab a nearby rifle. This may seem counterintuitive to keeping everyone alive, but even though Nick just stands there while Abi aims the gun at him, players need to shoot him. Not doing so will cause Nick to turn into a monster and kill Abi. Shooting him will prevent Abi’s death, but there is no way to prevent Nick from turning into a monster in this scene. Instead, he can be saved later.

5 Find The Syringe And Use It On Travis (Chapter 7)

While playing as Laura, players will have the option to explore the police station where she’s being held. Upstairs in the third office, they will find a syringe.

After returning to her cell, Laura needs to hide the syringe so that Travis doesn’t see it when he checks up on her. Ignore the prompt to steal Travis’ gun, and when he enters Laura’s cell, complete the QTE and use the syringe on Travis. This will knock him unconscious without killing him and is the only path to preventing Laura’s death later in the game.

4 Don’t Let Laura Shoot (Chapter 8)

Playing as Ryan, players will explore the basement of Hackett’s House with Laura. After finding some collectibles, players will eventually wander down a tunnel with a red light coming from it.

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Here players will encounter a monster, only this one is trapped in a cage. First off, don’t open the cage, and subsequently when Laura goes to shoot the monster, stop her. The monster is Nick, fully transformed after being shot by Abi in Chapter 6. Shooting him here will kill him, but there is a way to save him later if he survives this scene.

3 Don’t Pull Out The Knife (Chapter 9)

After a tense scene in the Hackett House that sees Laura kill Constance Hackett, the man in overalls – now revealed as Bobby Hackett – will stab Ryan in the side. Ryan will escape, and in the next scene will examine his wound. Players will receive two prompts to pull the knife out, and should ignore both. The knife will be needed later.

Following yet another sequence of intense battles, Laura tells Ryan that she can feel her infection progressing, and offers to bite him to help him survive his stab wound. Players should accept her offer in order to keep Ryan alive.

2 Don’t Swim To Shore (Chapter 10)

Assuming players killed Chris Hackett after he turns into a monster (there is little reason not to), they will begin Chapter 10 playing as Max, whose curse has been lifted. After a brief exploration, Max will arrive at a dock, and players will have to choose between swimming to shore or staying on the docks.

To keep Max alive, don’t swim to shore. Max will make it across the water but will immediately face a monster attack. With his back to the water, Max will have nowhere to run and will be killed instantly.

1 Don’t Raise The Gun At Silas (Chapter 10)

While Laura and Ryan are escaping Hackett’s Quarry in a car with Travis, a monster will attack their car, forcing them to set out on foot through the woods.

Eventually, the trio will find Silas, although he is not as menacing as expected. Instead, he is curled up beneath the roots of a dead tree and doesn’t seem to notice them. Travis will insist that Laura shoot Silas, but players should ignore the prompt to raise their gun. Travis will attempt to take the gun instead, and players should fail the QTE that appears as he and Laura fight over it. This will result in Travis accidentally being killed, but his death will not affect the game’s ending. Alternatively, completing the QTE will result in Silas killing Laura. After Travis dies, players can safely shoot Silas and unlock the game’s “Good Ending.”

The Quarrywas released on June 10, 2022, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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