Asmongold Banned by Twitch Over Diablo Immortal Stream

Asmongold has been banned by Twitch, though the reason may not be as sensical as one might expect. Twitch is known for dishing out bans to just about anyone and everyone. Although some more prominent figures get off with very small bans, pretty much everyone can feel the wrath of the Amazon-owned company. Even Twitch’s former golden boy, Dr Disrespect, was permabanned from the platform out of nowhere. To this day, neither party has explained what happened, but many assumed the reason had to have been significant to completely push Dr Disrespect off the platform. After all, prior to this, he was on all kinds of advertising for the platform and had a major deal with the site.

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold’s second account, zackrawrr, was recently banned for hateful and unmoderated content in chat, except it wasn’t his own chat going around, unceremoniously throwing around slurs and insults. This ban was because a Diablo Immortal player typed out the N-word with special text to get around filters in the in-game chat, something he doesn’t have much control over even with chat filters on. Asmongold noted in a YouTube video that he didn’t want to give it any attention, fearing that it would spawn copycats who thought it would be ok to do the same thing, so he just ignored it and spent a few minutes talking about why it’s “stupid”. Twitch suspended the account with no grounds to appeal, stating that he didn’t do enough to scrutinize the racism in-game. 

Asmongold also expressed his frustration with Twitch, stating that the ban suggested he was ok with the slur and also promotes a way for players to weaponize racism to get streamers banned with in-game language. Asmongold’s second account has since been unbanned and is free to continue streaming. As of right now, Twitch hasn’t offered any official comment on the matter.

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