Another Pixel 6a unboxing video is here and this one’s not from Google

Complete with 11 minutes of commentary in Malay

Source: Google

Late last month on YouTube, Google France’s retail training channel had posted a video going through the Pixel 6a’s big talking points including its fingerprint sensor and what comes in the box. That video got pulled down from public view a couple days after it went up. But fate seems to find its way around these things — another video exposé of the Pixel 6a has appeared, this time from Malaysia.

In Fazli Halim’s video, we see him not only unbox said Pixel 6a, but put it through its paces across a laundry list of priorities.

We’re not fluent in Malay, but his commentary does give you a general sense of what he likes and (especially) doesn’t like about using the device. Halim appeared particularly unimpressed with the selfie camera’s output as well as the overall camera experience and wasn’t thrilled referring to its 18W wired charging capabilities as “fast charging” — which we can agree with. On the positive side, the no-frills display is just fine, the battery at 4,410mAh provides a nice load, and the in-display fingerprint sensor appears to be quite performant. Hopefully the 6a avoids the bugs that the fingerprint sensors on the Pixel 6 series faced.


Speaking of bugs, of course, pre-release software is subject to updates — we’re looking at Android 12 on the device, but 9to5Google went searching for a patch level and couldn’t find one — but as we’ve seen with the massive growing pains the original Pixel 6 series went through, one would hope they won’t be as bad on the 6a.

While not terribly impressive by Malaysian standards where excessive competition exists on every level of the price spectrum, the Pixel 6a looks to offer a lot of bang for buck in the U.S. where the market is more of a fishbowl. Pre-orders for the phone begin July 21 starting at $449.

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